Preparation Of Targeted Programs For Geological And Engineering Operations

Taking into account constant growth of the share of hard-to-recover oil reserves and decrease of producing reservoir development efficiency, VNIIneft JSC offers and carries out preparation of targeted programs for application both well treatment technologies and advanced recovery methods for specific geological and physical conditions of producing reservoirs. Targeted approach to development of such programs allows not only enhancing engineering parameters of oil field development, but also reducing material and labor costs.

Major part of producing fields is at the closing stage of development or approaching it. Physical and chemical and especially hydrodynamics advanced recovery methods are the most promising ones at this development stage. Application of efficient technologies aimed at conformance control, redistribution of filtration flows, and decrease of water cuttings of well production is one of the areas for increasing technical and economical parameters of the development, especially for late-stage development characterized by withdrawal of large quantity of associated water.

At producing and newly put into production oil fields, VNIIneft JSC proposes applying system reservoir stimulation technology on a broad scale. One of the main principles of the system technology lies in performing field activities per targeted programs for works on a certain field section or an individual reservoir in general. PTA stimulation is carried virtually simultaneously in all production and injection wells using some method that allows achieving the design operational benefit.

System technology also includes the following principles:

  • large-scale and periodic treatments;
  • multi-stage reservoir BHT in wells penetrating non-uniform collectors;
  • system change in direction of filtration flows in the reservoir;
  • selection of reservoir BHT technologies for specific geological and physical conditions of bottomhole areas of the collector and the field in general.

Work experience in the area:

Talinskaya area of Krasnoleninskoye field; fields of West Siberia Megionskiy and Noyabrskiy regions; Severo-Hosedaiuskoye field; White Tiger field (the Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

Procedure for criterial selection of development targets for unsteady-state flooding implementation has been developed and tested. Preparation of target programs is based on the provisions of Russian Federation patent No.2513787 Method of oil pool development employing targeted system stimulation.

Incremental oil production from implementation of target programs concerning Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OJSC field development efficiency stimulation in 2005-2014 constituted over 1.35 mln t (unsteady-state flooding - 374.4 ths. t; targeted well treatments - 983.3 ths. t, with reduction of produced water over 3.6 mln t).

Targeted program implementation algorithm

Complex reservoir stimulation technology

System analysis of the current development indicators aimed to increase flooding efficiency

Prediction of recoverable reserves