Designer Supervision And PDP Support

While creating complex science-intensive PDP projects and projects for development based on advanced recovery methods, VNIIneft JSC experts certainly participate in practical implementation of the projects carrying out designer supervision. Designer supervision is the key to success of any new project, and VNIIneft JSC experts give full attention to this issue, being aware of the responsibility and aiming to ensure the best results.

This practice has historical roots and lasting traditions. VNIIneft JSC carried out designer supervision for all its projects:

  • enhanced oil recovery using in-situ combustion at Balakhany-Sabunchi-Romany, Gnedintsevskoye, Arlanskoye, and other fields;
  • steam injection at Usinskoye, Oha, Katangli, Kenkiyak, Karazhanbas, and other fields.
  • micellar flooding at Romashkinskoye field.
  • system and targeted technologies at Slavneft-Megionneftegas OJSC fields and others.

For this purpose, operational teams were created in the Institute that carried out process management together with the Customer from the very beginning of a project. At present, such teams are working on projects Boka de Haruko, Visha - Termogaz, Sredny - Nazym - Bazhen etc.

Apart from routine operational analysis of project status and development state, analysis of project status by means of live mathematical simulations has become a mandatory part of designer supervision in the recent years. Constant calculation of various scenarios of the development and implementation of designed development processes allows making optimum engineering and management decisions.

If necessary, designer supervision process may be supplemented with various experimental studies aimed at solution of new emerging problems, and accompanied by development and enhancement of mathematical simulations. For this purpose, VNIIneft JSC possesses the required laboratory facilities and software (STARS, INTERSECT, ECLIPSE, TEMPEST MORE, T-NAVIGATOR etc.).