The institute carries out all complex analytical works required for estimating reserves and designing and analyzing oil and oil-gas field development.

Modern analytical laboratory equipment allows investigating the composition and qualities of reservoir rocks, and studying the processes occurring in reservoirs during oil and gas field development.

Standard and special core studies are conducted, multi-phase filtration is studied, and research is carried out concerning reservoir rock stress state under conditions of natural occurrence and impact of effective stress on reservoir properties and filtration characteristics.

Following parameters are defined:

  • oil and water saturation of core samples;
  • residual (irreducible) water saturation and capillary pressure curves using BECKMAN ultracentrifuge;
  • specific rock surface by means of low-temperature nitrogen adsorption using Sorptomatic device (CARLO TRBA);
  • gas permeability and liquid permeability for conditions matching the reservoir ones (CoreLab);
  • relative phase permeability for oil, gas, and water for two and three-phase stationary filtration and oil displacement efficiency by water, gas, or chemical solutions under conditions matching the reservoir ones with constant saturation monitoring by means of X-ray CT scanner (Siemens, Canberra, UIPK-2M);
  • compressibility factor of rock pores (RUSKA);
  • core orientation with respect to cardinal directions by paleomagnetism (spinner magnetometer, Slovakia);
  • rock stress state (ATIS, Russia);

Laboratories perform:

  • standard core analysis to define parameters required for estimating original oil and gas-in-place: oil and water saturation, porosity, permeability, pore size distribution, and saturation distribution pattern over oil-water surface;
  • special core studies to obtain reliable initial data for designing oil and oil-gas field development: relative phase permeability for two and three-phase filtration; oil displacement efficiency by water, gas, and various chemicals;
  • unique core studies: core orientation with regard to earth magnetic poles, assessment of permeability anisotropy and reservoir rock stress state in oriented core.

Experts of the Research Center and laboratories provide methodological and consulting assistance in laboratory equipment customization and research techniques, as well as expert analysis and external interlaboratory testing.

The institute has unique experience and the results of core studies from hundreds of fields in the country. Core repository houses samples of cores from all fields developed by Zarubezhneft JSC and those fields of the country that have provided cores for the studies in the recent years.