Oil Field Development Design And Analysis

VNIIneft JSC has a portfolio of projects on development of the largest oil fields in the country, such as Samotlorskoye, Romashkinskoye, Tuimazinskoye etc.

The accumulated experience, matching staff, and modern software allow performing sets of tasks associated with design of complex development targets, including.

  • designing development of major fields with an immense well stock and a large complex of production facilities;
  • preparing design process documentation for development of fields with fractured collectors;
  • creating and continuously supporting geology and hydrodynamics models of complex deposits with fractured collectors;
  • monitoring the development based on generalization of field-geologic data and results of geology and hydrodynamics modeling and studies;
  • justifying the selection and analyzing the efficiency of geological and engineering operations;
  • preparing and supervising the program of field and laboratory field studies;
  • modeling fractured foundation;
  • analyzing the state of development and hydrocarbon reserves recovery;
  • carrying out hydrodynamics modeling, studying various options of production facility isolation, assessing their efficiency and justifying the optimum option;
  • designing and making process solutions concerning development of multi-zone complex oil fields;
  • supporting development projects in terms of well drilling, penetration, and completion, oil, gas, and water recovery, preparation, and transportation, and reservoir pressure maintenance system operation;
  • providing economic assessment of design and actual hydrocarbon deposit development parameters;
  • justifying sustainable utilization and protection of subsurface resources, environmental protection, and provision of ecological safety in subsurface use;
  • conducting research and development concerning selection of optimum operating conditions for wells and downhole equipment, increase of reliability of lifting equipment, studies in the field of discrete-continuous gas lift technologies, optimization of drilling parameters, well penetration and completion.

Applied estimations, modeling, and interpretation use following licensed software:

No. Name Manufacturer
1 INTERSECT – hydrodynamics modeling Schlumberger (USA)
2 ECLIPSE - hydrodynamics modeling Schlumberger (USA)
3 STARS - hydrodynamics modeling CMG (Canada)
4 TEMPEST MORE – hydrodynamics modeling Roxar (Norway)
5 DMS – field development modeling Halliburton (USA)
6 tNavigator – hydrodynamics modeling RFD LLC (Russia)
7 Baspro Optima – data bank and field data interpretation Baspro Proekt LLC (Russia)
8 NGT Smart – data bank and field data interpretation UNTC LLC (Russia)
9 Saphir NL – study of unsteady-state pressure conditions Kappa (France)
10 Isoline – data bank and field data interpretation V.M. Yakovlev et al. (Russia)
11 Effect+ - assessment of the efficiency of geological and engineering operations A.A. Kazakov et al. (Russia)

In the recent years, design and analysis of oil field development have been conducted for the fields of West Siberia, Volga Region, Timan-Pechora Province, Kaliningrad Region, Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, Orenburg Region; including:

  • Severo-Hosedayuskoye, Visovoye, Zapadno-Hosedayuskoye, Haryaginskoye, Pashkinskoye, Kirsanovskoye, Slavkinskoye, Ruzhevskoye (Zarubezhneft JSC, Group);
  • Vatinskoye, Aganskoye, Severo-Pokurskoye, Tailakovskoye, Megionskoye, Arigolskoye, Yuzhno-Pokamasovskoye, Yuzhno-Aganskoye, Zapadno-Ust-Balykskoye, Achimovskoye, Chistinnoye (Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OJSC);
  • Verhnekolik-Ieganskoye, Van-Ieganskoye, Shulaievskoye, Kulaginskoye (TNK-BP OJSC);
  • Russkinskoye, Yuzhno-Nurymskoye (Surgutneftegaz OJSC);
  • Sutorminskoye, Sporyshevskoye, Yuzhno-Toraveiskoye, Muravlenkovskoye, Krainee, Romanovskoye (Gazpromneft PJSC);
  • Severo-Gubkinskoye, Val Gamburtseva, Holmskoye, Kurgan-Amur (NK Rosneft PJSC);
  • Kluchevoye, Krasnoborskoye, Malinovskoye, Deiminskoye, Ushakovskoye, Ladushkinskoye, Isakovskoye (LUKOIL PJSC).
  • Ponomariovskoye, Rybkinskoye (TNK-BP OJSC)

At these fields:

  • Number of producing reservoirs – from 1 to 58
  • Number of wells – from several units to several thousands
  • Initial recoverable reserves – from 100 ths. to 400 mln t
  • Collector type – terrigenous porous and carbonate porous fractured cavernous.

Figure - Example of equipment assembly for dual completion of three facilities
(D3fmIII, D3fmIIIa and D3fmIV) executed per three-packer bypass scheme.