Preparation Of Highly Skilled Personnel

Preparation of highly skilled scientific and academic and teaching staff is an important part of the total range of tasks solved by the Institute. Systematic and deliberate preparation of experts allows preserving and reproducing the research and educational potential of the Company to a considerable extent.

Since 1943, A.P. Krylov All-Russian Oil and Gas Research Institute has been conducting dedicated preparation of scientific staff for oil and gas production industry. During this time, over 850 people completed postgraduate studies at the Institute, and 440 experts prepared and successfully defended Candidate's thesis.

Training is currently provided in accordance with license No.001342, registration No.1297, series AAA, dd. May 23, 2011, issued by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency, and supplement to it No.0021675, series 90П01, dd. March 24, 2015, in the following majors:

  • 05.06.01 Earth sciences;
  • 21.06.01 Geology, exploration, and development of mineral resources.

The Institute has highly qualified experts for the purpose of preparing highly qualified staff: 11 Doctors and 27 Candidates of Science work at the Institute.

Scientists from other organizations are also engaged in scientific staff preparation.

The students have the opportunity to work in research and development laboratories, use equipment, the Internet, Information and Analysis Department bank, publish their findings in the collection of studies of the Institute, participate in creation and implementation of scientific and technical products of the organizational units, present scientific papers at scientific workshops at the Institute and International Scientific Symposium Theory and Practice of Advanced Recovery Methods, organized by VNIIneft JSC among others.

Since 1968, Scientific Workshop Theory and Practice of Developing and Operating Oil and Oil-Gas Fields has been in place at the Institute founded by academician A.P. Krylov.

Competence of the A.P. Krylov All-Russian Oil and Gas Research Institute scientists, relevance of the Institute subjects for the oil industry, and close cooperation with many scientific and scientific and production organizations both in Russia and abroad ensure preparation of highly qualified staff.

Postgraduate studies admission regulations in 2016 and entrance examination program.


Please contact VNIIneft JSC postgraduate studies office for more information.

Tel. 8(495) 748-39-49 *7406, (Postgraduate Studies Office)

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